Monday, 4 February 2013

Pearl's Diner - American dining in the burbs

38A Briar Road Felixstow (08) 8165 2448

Anyone and anybody would have heard about Burger Theory by now. If you haven't, climb out of that rock you've been living under right now! So, if you're tired of waiting to find out where the Burger Theory truck will show up next, good news for you! You can now get their burgers (and other yummy stuff!) at their fixed premises, Pearl's Diner (Wednesday to Sunday)! So all together now...Yaay!
The place is tucked away in inner suburbia and once inside the diner, the retro, kitschy vibe reminds me of a cross between the diner from Happy Days and a school cafeteria on The Wonder Years. Anyways, onto the food! So hubby and I ordered three items from the menu. Of cousre we had the mandatory Burger #2 which consists of ground beef (that's beef mince to us Aussies!), onion confit, pancetta and blue cheese sauce. The buns are soft,fresh, and slightly sweet (which I like!), the patty is fresh beef that is grounded daily and tastes deliciously juicy, and the blue cheese, well personally, I think it's the piece de resistance and what totally pulls the burger altogether.
Burger #2
Now onto the buttermilk fried chicken wings. Well, for lack of a better phrase, it's finger lickin' good! Nicely seasoned with it's crunchy goodness, I could imagine my husband easily tucking into a bucket of these on any given Friday night in front of the footy. The side of coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment and I wanted more!
Buttermilk fried chicken wings with coleslaw
Finally, our last menu item we ordered was the pork bun. The berkshire pork was full of flavour and so tender - all thanks to the 14 hours of smoking. Maybe I was extremely full at that stage, but I thought the serving was very generous and I would definitely not be able to eat more than one serve in any given sitting.
14-hour smoked berkshire pork bun 
All in all, with their quick service and cute decor, it was a very pleasurable casual dining experience. American dining has come to Adelaide and it looks like it's going to stay!
Verdict: Two thumbs up!
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