Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chimichurri Grill - it's a food fiesta on wheels

Check out www.chimichurrigrill.com.au for times and locations

There's no mistake about it, the food truck phenomenon has definitely hit Adelaide and it looks like it's here to stay! With so many out there now, we're pretty spoilt for choices but one food truck that's definitely worth putting on your hit list for lunch is Chimichurri Grill.

My work colleague and I dashed to Hindmarsh Square the other day to make sure we didn't miss out on their offerings.  Once we got there, I knew exactly what I wanted - a serve of the chimi chorizo with a side of chips and lots of yummy chimi mayo sauce to dip it in! the chimi chorizo is a spicy chorizo sausage served on a long roll with roasted capsicum, provolone cheese and their special chimichurri sauce. The bun was a tad bit on the dry side but it's filling I could simply not fault. The chorizo with its unique blend of special Argentinian spices has a nice kick to it which I loved. I struggled to get through the whole thing as it's a very generous serve and had to accept defeat three quarters way in. But I have to admit, as much as I loved the chimi chorizo, their crunchy, salted, beer battered chips were divine!! In fact, I think they're the best chips I've ever had. The chimi mayo dipping sauce is simply divine also and I would kill for the recipe. Really.

Chimi Chorizo
I'm now really eager to try their chimi steak because if anyone knows how to cook a steak, that would be an Argentinian right? Hello! Sosta or Gauchos anyone?? I'm also keen to try the empanadas which ocassionally pop up on their specials menu.

So if looking at your boring lunch time sanga brings on a siesta, get to Chimichurri Grill now!

Verdict: Two thumbs up!

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