Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Astonish Patisserie - a bittersweet dissapointment

393 King William St, Adelaide 5000 (08) 8123 4646

So another dessert bar has opened up in Adelaide and having a sweet tooth I took it as my mission to give this place a whirl.   The place is nicely decked out and has a lounge-y feel to it and a nice courtyard too. Upon inspection of the interesting menu, I chose the 'Chef's special'. This, I was told by the waitress was a dessert platter of assorted items specially created for summer. When it came out I was delighted but how visually appealing it was but that was where the appeal ended. The platter consisted of mini donuts on skewers, toasted marshmallow (also on a skewer), and brioche topped with pumpkin ice cream and Turkish fairy floss, with some raspberry coulis and cream underneath. Ok, so the donuts were dry and weren’t the pillows of doughy goodness one would expect from donuts. Nothing on the platter was spectacula. The marshmallow was bland, the brioche wasn't rich and buttery and also dry. The only redeeming item on the plate was the pumpkin ice cream which tasted of pumpkin and suprsingly, pumpkin as ice cream works! All in all though it was a plate of mediocrity and incoherent flavours.
Summer dessert tasting platter

Perhaps I should have ordered one of the ‘regular’ items on the menu but going by what I had, I don’t think I’d rush to come back again considering all the other better dessert bars out there right now.

Verdict: Two thumbs down  

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