Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Adelaide Pho - best pho in town!

199 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 (08) 82120997

Since discovering Adelaide Pho late last year, I don't think a week haspassed where I haven't dropped in for my weekly pho fix. This stuff is trulyaddictive! For the uninitiated, pho is a Vietnamese dish traditionallyconsisting of beef stock and rice noodles garnished with slices of beef andherbs. Sounds like a simple enough dish right? But as they say, it’s sometimesthe simplest things in life that are the hardest to perfect. Well… let me tellyou, your search for the perfect pho is now over.

Pho with sliced raw beef and beef balls

Adelaide Pho has quite an extensive menu offering a range of traditional Vietnamesecuisine but it is in their namesake where they truly hit the mark. The phobroth has a great balance of flavour and the addition of hoi sin or squeeze oflemon isn’t required at all (which are things I normally have to add to my photo suit my fussy palate). The broth definitely has a wonderful depth of flavourbut also a nice 'clean' taste which I like.

So if you like speedy service, consistently awesome pho, and a cheap meal,get yourself here quick and I promise you, you’ll be hooked before you know it.

Verdict: Two thumbs up!

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