Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nghi Ngan Quan - sizzling pancake for sizzling weather!

Shop 4/34 Wright Street, Ferryden Park (08) 82446003

Adelaide had it's first real taste of summer yesterday with temperatures soaring up to 36 degrees! With hot weather, I always feel like eating something fresh and not heavy so I knew what would perfectly fit the bill - Vietnamese Bánh xèo - which literally translates to 'Sizzling Pancake'. The pancake is made of rice flour and turmeric and inside you'll find slivers of pork, prawns, onion and bean sprouts. The sizzling part of the name comes from the loud sizzle sound it makes when the batter is poured into the hot pan. Bánh xèo is a weekend only special at Nghi Ngan Quan so we headed to the burbs to try it out. So how does one eat this? Well, getting your hands dirty is non-negotiable! It comes with a side of salad and various Asian herbs so you grab a big lettuce leaf, put some herbs inside and get some of the pancake and wrap it all up. Dip in into some Vietnamese dipping sauce and enjoy it by the mouthful. So how was it? OK, so compared to my mum's it's not as good (of course!). It was overloaded with bean sprouts and they where a bit stingy on the pork and prawns but the pancake was definitely crispy and tasty.

Vietnamese Sizzling Pancake

Now the next dish we ordered was really great! Once again, it's another dish you have to get your hands dirty. It's Roast Pork with Steamed Rice Vermicelli. So it's part of NNQ's 'self making cold rolls' section of their menu and you eat it like you would eat a cold roll. Just grab your rice paper and fill it with rice vermicelli, roast pork and salad/herbs. The crackling on the roast pork was heavenly and the ability to customise your cold roll made it not only fun but I love the fact you can tailor the flavours to how you like it. Very enjoyable indeed and I would highly recommend this dish next time you visit NNQ.

Roast Pork
So NNQ, in my opinion, has it's good and bad dishes. Their menu is VERY extensive and there is something to cater for everyone. To someone who hasn't had sizzling pancake before, I would still recommend you try it out for yourself - if you're really curious. However, this has sparked my quest for the perfect sizzling pancake in Adelaide so stay tuned....

VERDICT: Thumbs up for the roast pork dish. Thumbs down for the sizzling pancake.

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