Monday, 22 October 2012

Ginza - konnichiwa to this Japanese restaurant

48 Unley Road, Unley SA (08) 83573888

Every now and then I can't ignore my cravings for the 'clean' flavours of Japanese food. On this occasion, a group of us went along to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Adelaide - Ginza. Its location on Unley Road speaks of the type of food, presentation and atmosphere that you will experience whilst dining here.

Entrees: Deep fried soft shell crab,
takoyaki octopus balls, agedashi tofu
The restaurant is broken up into two parts - the front section is more formal dining, the back section is relaxed and suited for Japanese BBQ and if you want to experience a more 'authentic' setting.
We chose to sit at the front and selected one of those Japanese-style booths (taking shoes off not mandatory). We ordered very 'typical' Japanese style dishes with entrees consisting of (crispy lightly battered) Soft Shell Crab, tasty Takoyaki, and silky Agedashi Tofu.
Ginza deluxe platter ie sushi boat

To satisfy my penchant for 'clean' food we had the obligatory sushi boat. Everything on the platter was very fresh and the salmon and tuna were all melt in your mouth. However to my surprise, the highlight of the night was the Teriyaki Chicken. You're thinking how good could it be? Well believe me, it's moist, it's succulent and it's delicous. Just try it.  
Vegetable tempura and teriyaki chicken

Okay, so Ginza is not cheap but if you dine here I assure you that you'll be greeted with fresh quality ingredients cooked with care and finesse and friendly attentive service from the staff. So 'domo arigato' to Ginza for a very enjoyable night.

VERDICT: Two thumbs up!

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