Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chimichurri Grill - it's a food fiesta on wheels

Check out www.chimichurrigrill.com.au for times and locations

There's no mistake about it, the food truck phenomenon has definitely hit Adelaide and it looks like it's here to stay! With so many out there now, we're pretty spoilt for choices but one food truck that's definitely worth putting on your hit list for lunch is Chimichurri Grill.

My work colleague and I dashed to Hindmarsh Square the other day to make sure we didn't miss out on their offerings.  Once we got there, I knew exactly what I wanted - a serve of the chimi chorizo with a side of chips and lots of yummy chimi mayo sauce to dip it in! the chimi chorizo is a spicy chorizo sausage served on a long roll with roasted capsicum, provolone cheese and their special chimichurri sauce. The bun was a tad bit on the dry side but it's filling I could simply not fault. The chorizo with its unique blend of special Argentinian spices has a nice kick to it which I loved. I struggled to get through the whole thing as it's a very generous serve and had to accept defeat three quarters way in. But I have to admit, as much as I loved the chimi chorizo, their crunchy, salted, beer battered chips were divine!! In fact, I think they're the best chips I've ever had. The chimi mayo dipping sauce is simply divine also and I would kill for the recipe. Really.

Chimi Chorizo
I'm now really eager to try their chimi steak because if anyone knows how to cook a steak, that would be an Argentinian right? Hello! Sosta or Gauchos anyone?? I'm also keen to try the empanadas which ocassionally pop up on their specials menu.

So if looking at your boring lunch time sanga brings on a siesta, get to Chimichurri Grill now!

Verdict: Two thumbs up!

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Pearl's Diner - American dining in the burbs

38A Briar Road Felixstow (08) 8165 2448

Anyone and anybody would have heard about Burger Theory by now. If you haven't, climb out of that rock you've been living under right now! So, if you're tired of waiting to find out where the Burger Theory truck will show up next, good news for you! You can now get their burgers (and other yummy stuff!) at their fixed premises, Pearl's Diner (Wednesday to Sunday)! So all together now...Yaay!
The place is tucked away in inner suburbia and once inside the diner, the retro, kitschy vibe reminds me of a cross between the diner from Happy Days and a school cafeteria on The Wonder Years. Anyways, onto the food! So hubby and I ordered three items from the menu. Of cousre we had the mandatory Burger #2 which consists of ground beef (that's beef mince to us Aussies!), onion confit, pancetta and blue cheese sauce. The buns are soft,fresh, and slightly sweet (which I like!), the patty is fresh beef that is grounded daily and tastes deliciously juicy, and the blue cheese, well personally, I think it's the piece de resistance and what totally pulls the burger altogether.
Burger #2
Now onto the buttermilk fried chicken wings. Well, for lack of a better phrase, it's finger lickin' good! Nicely seasoned with it's crunchy goodness, I could imagine my husband easily tucking into a bucket of these on any given Friday night in front of the footy. The side of coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment and I wanted more!
Buttermilk fried chicken wings with coleslaw
Finally, our last menu item we ordered was the pork bun. The berkshire pork was full of flavour and so tender - all thanks to the 14 hours of smoking. Maybe I was extremely full at that stage, but I thought the serving was very generous and I would definitely not be able to eat more than one serve in any given sitting.
14-hour smoked berkshire pork bun 
All in all, with their quick service and cute decor, it was a very pleasurable casual dining experience. American dining has come to Adelaide and it looks like it's going to stay!
Verdict: Two thumbs up!
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Astonish Patisserie - a bittersweet dissapointment

393 King William St, Adelaide 5000 (08) 8123 4646

So another dessert bar has opened up in Adelaide and having a sweet tooth I took it as my mission to give this place a whirl.   The place is nicely decked out and has a lounge-y feel to it and a nice courtyard too. Upon inspection of the interesting menu, I chose the 'Chef's special'. This, I was told by the waitress was a dessert platter of assorted items specially created for summer. When it came out I was delighted but how visually appealing it was but that was where the appeal ended. The platter consisted of mini donuts on skewers, toasted marshmallow (also on a skewer), and brioche topped with pumpkin ice cream and Turkish fairy floss, with some raspberry coulis and cream underneath. Ok, so the donuts were dry and weren’t the pillows of doughy goodness one would expect from donuts. Nothing on the platter was spectacula. The marshmallow was bland, the brioche wasn't rich and buttery and also dry. The only redeeming item on the plate was the pumpkin ice cream which tasted of pumpkin and suprsingly, pumpkin as ice cream works! All in all though it was a plate of mediocrity and incoherent flavours.
Summer dessert tasting platter

Perhaps I should have ordered one of the ‘regular’ items on the menu but going by what I had, I don’t think I’d rush to come back again considering all the other better dessert bars out there right now.

Verdict: Two thumbs down  

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Adelaide Pho - best pho in town!

199 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 (08) 82120997

Since discovering Adelaide Pho late last year, I don't think a week haspassed where I haven't dropped in for my weekly pho fix. This stuff is trulyaddictive! For the uninitiated, pho is a Vietnamese dish traditionallyconsisting of beef stock and rice noodles garnished with slices of beef andherbs. Sounds like a simple enough dish right? But as they say, it’s sometimesthe simplest things in life that are the hardest to perfect. Well… let me tellyou, your search for the perfect pho is now over.

Pho with sliced raw beef and beef balls

Adelaide Pho has quite an extensive menu offering a range of traditional Vietnamesecuisine but it is in their namesake where they truly hit the mark. The phobroth has a great balance of flavour and the addition of hoi sin or squeeze oflemon isn’t required at all (which are things I normally have to add to my photo suit my fussy palate). The broth definitely has a wonderful depth of flavourbut also a nice 'clean' taste which I like.

So if you like speedy service, consistently awesome pho, and a cheap meal,get yourself here quick and I promise you, you’ll be hooked before you know it.

Verdict: Two thumbs up!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Deli Cafe and Gallery - not just your average deli

54A George Street, Thebarton 5031 (08) 83544878
We decided to grab a quick bite before a concert at the Entertainment Centre last week. A friend recommended The Deli Cafe and Gallery so we thought we'd check it out considering it was just round the corner. And a good thing it was recommended because it's not a place you'd drive by and take notice. Nestled amongst some old shops, The Deli fits right in with its neighbous with its unpretentious feel. Inside, you'll find old leather seats scattered amongst other retro tables and chairs, out the back you'll find a nice beer garden.
So onto the food, I decided on an order of the Beef Nachos. So ever since I came back from the US last year and experienced the best ever mexcian food ever, it has been hard trying to find nachos that will satisfy my picky tastebuds but let me tell you THIS was good!!!! Everything on it screamed fresh, tasty and delicious! Forget forks! It was finger lickin' deliciousness. I'll definitely be back to The Deli for the nachos alone.

Beef Nachos
We thought we'd also give their pizzas a shot so we ordered The Deli Special Pizza. This was surprsingly tasty and the combination of garlic prawns, ham, salami, fresh capsicum, olives and anchovies was great. However the piece de resistance was it's chutney and chilli pizza sauce. YUM. Oh and did I mention.. they're also very generous with their toppings. Our friends ordered the Meatlovers pizza which was also really good (unfortunately I forgot to take a photo!).

The Deli Special Pizza
So if you're looking at a place to chill out with friends and enjoy some good food get your butt to The Deli now. Beer in one hand compuslory.

Verdict: Two thumbs up!
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